What is Ground Arts?

Ground is a not for profit organization helping build art programs around the world for children.  We host ongoing exhibitions at our 2,000 sq. ft. space, and home base in the West Chelsea Arts Building, located in the center of the New York contemporary art scene.

All Ground profits are used to assist schools around the world to build art programs. Encouraging a child to reach his or her creative potential inspires us.  Our goal is to assist 5 schools internationally, create artwork with the children, auction the work, and all profits go directly back into the art funding of their school.  Ground is not a charity, but rather an empowering exchange.  Please see our current project, “I am Haiti” to learn more about what we do.

Ground connects and benefits all parties. Help shape the future of the arts.

Ground is a collaborative project with Rogue Space Chelsea, Films on Artists, and Studio Spoken.

Meet the Ground Arts Team


Kevin O’Hanlon, co-founder and director at Ground Arts, has directed documentaries and commercials internationally focusing on art and creativity. Kevin recently created the I am Haiti art program at the Maranatha Orphanage and School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, helping to rebuild the children’s school after it was destroyed in the earthquake. Kevin owns Rogue Space | Chelsea and is owner and creative director of documentary production company FilmsOnArtists.




Kelly Worman, co-founder and senior curator at Ground Arts, is a contemporary American painter and curator based out of New York.  Kelly holds an MFA from Pratt Institute and has exhibited her work nationally. Kelly is the founder of the Studio Spoken project, interviewing artists about their studio practice.  She has also taught art, and looks forward to working with the kids in the current Ground Arts projects.



Jason Stopa, the juror for the Spring/Summer 2012 Competition, is the Executive Editor at NY Arts Magazine and currently lives and works in New York.  After completing his MFA at  Pratt Institute, he has become an active writer, curator and artist in New York.   He currently writes for White Hot Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, artUS and On-Verge.  He has had group and solo exhibits in New York, Denver, North Carolina and Canada.




Kyle Gaughan, senior video editor at Ground Arts, studied film at Catholic University in DC, and worked with The National Geographic Channel and Maysles Films before landing as the Senior Editor for Films On Artists. He has worked extensively in both audio and video production in New York, Washington DC, and his native Baltimore. Kyle has always been passionate about working with kids.




Hailey Moore is the Web Development intern at Ground Arts and is currently working on a degree in Visual Communications and Creative Writing at Seattle Pacific University.  She has worked with underprivileged youth in countries such as Poland, Guatemala, and South Africa and continues to learn the value of art in other cultures.