Forward. Rewind. Repeat.

Featuring work by artists:  Bianca Pratorius, Elizabeth Stehling, Caitlin Peluffo, Scott Malbaurn, and Charles Evans.

Curated by Kelly Worman

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 20th, 6-9pm



New York, NY-  Ground Arts Organization proudly presents Forward. Rewind. Repeat, a group exhibition featuring five artists of different disciplines from the east coast.  The title obviously speaks to video, but also the act of mental and physical artistic process.

Featuring Bianca Pratorius, Elizabeth Stehling, Caitlin Peluffo, Scott Malbaurn, and Charles Evans, this exhibition investigates the use of repetition in both process and outcome.  These artists investigate the use of repetition in their work conceptually, or through repetitive movements and actions physically.  These practices may yield patterns or rhythm in their work as a compositional strategy, or may be repeated actions generating consistently different results.

Bianca Pratorius, Scott Malbaurn, and Charles Evans explore pattern, repetition, and structure through the use of simple yet labor intensive practices.  Through ritualistic gathering, keeping, and cataloguing of personal everyday objects, Charles Evans builds collections as a documentation of his existence.  Similarly, Bianca Pratorius’ work derives from a desire to organize and secure her own reality in the chaos of today, with repetition and structure acting as a counterbalance.  Sharing what one may imagine to be a meditative way of working, Scott Malbaurn’s work is precise, grounded, and minimal, yet simultaneously rhythmic and quietly vibrating.  Both Bianca and Scott have an intentional heavy focus on medium, and allow it to dictate limitations and boundaries in their work.

Elizabeth Stehling and Caitlin Peluffo use continuous repetitive movement in their work with the aim of displacing the viewer’s symbolic representations.  Caitlin Peluffo’s video work investigates the dualism of gender identity, domination, and frustration. Using repetitive actions, sound, and rhythm as a constant and prominent element in her work, Caitlin aims to create an anxious and uncomfortable internal dialogue within the viewer.   Elizabeth Stehling investigates contradictory human interactions and group dynamics by planning repetitive and continuous movements for performers that exaggerate situations, yet leave room for improvisation and chance.


Gallery sales commission is tax deductible, and goes directly to the current Ground Arts collaborative project with Art Start, an organization in New York City creating art programs for at-risk teens and children in homeless shelters.

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